The splendor of getting tempted by the beauty of the world that surrounds us

A notorious italian song recites: “Ma come non ti accorgi di quanto il mondo sia meraviglioso”, [i.e. “How don’t you realize how wonderful the world is?”] Our team “I Viaggi di Archimede” is fully aware of it, and we want to share our enthusiasm with you. Our staff of Personal Travel Consultants is at your complete disposal for dedicated interviews, since every journey is different for every customer, even if they are travelling to the same place. Every eye will catch a different detail, every heart will live different emotions, every mind will preserve special memories. We design the itineraries in accordance with your needs, budget and expectations, assisting you to the very conclusion of your journey. Once returned you will soon start dreaming your next destination.

Get transported

Choose your destination and let yourself get transported by the best carriers. Thanks to the satisfaction of our customers and the consolidated trust of our partners, we achieved several commercial agreements that will grant you the best travelling conditions. On board of different leader companies, you will have the chance to be provided with a luxurious service, in order for the dream to begin even before the arrival!


Your next goal

We are here to help

Despite the web seems to have put the world in our hands, it cannot replace the experience of the professionals who dedicated their own life to sound out places and accommodation facilities, objectively evaluating pros and cons that can make the difference.

The planning of a trip requires infinite elements, some rational ones, such as the individual preferences, the budget and the number of days of vacation, and other factors, related to a more emotional sphere, as fundamental as the previous one, such as mind and body wellness. Our Personal Travel Consultants and Honeymoon specialists play a key role in interpreting your dreams and expectations, even the hidden ones, surprising you with their suggestions that could completely change your destination choice. A personal interview with them, in our agency or in your own home, will give you the chance to compare their self-acquired knowledge to your needs, and will stimulate your sense of curiosity, spreading your horizon. Last but not least, you will be assisted from the first interview to your return, to solve any difficulty that may occur. Direct tour operator for top notch destinations. Plane tickets, train tickets, hotel reservations and any service required by the customer, with the best price-quality ratio and 24/7 assistance.



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