The art of welcoming you in our country!

The “incoming” of tourists in Italy is one of the main tasks of “I Viaggi di Archimede” company’s mission. We are lucky enough to live in such an extraordinary country, filled with history, to be discovered in its cities of art and breathtaking landscapes: from the impervious heights of the Dolomites, that challenge the sky, to the crystalline waters of the seas of Sardinia and Puglia regions; from the romance of the Garda and Como lakes, to the enchanted Amalfi Coast, with its charming scents, colors and picturesque paths; from the majesty of Capri’s “faraglioni” to the magic of Taormina, where the history of mankind perfectly melts with the wonders of nature. And these are just a few of the best examples!

For our company, “I Viaggi di Archimede”, the incoming is a chance for tourists to taste the Italian sublime flavors, as we are certain that they will be enchanted by them and will return again many times, to discover its artistic and historical wonders, to live its picturesque atmosphere, to feel its emotions or to get married under the warmth of its weather and its romance, and, eventually, to enjoy the uniqueness of Italian food and wines.

Discover Italy

Italy is extremely rich in artworks and gives the rare sensation of walking through history. It is the country with the highest number of UNESCO sites in the world, with the astonishing amount of 53 unique masterpieces, such as the cities of Rome, Venice, Florence and Verona, the unbelievable medieval burgs, where time has stopped, the enchanted castles, jewels hidden within the flourishing nature, and many more. The Italian territory offers a vast number of daylight visits, under the warm splendor of its sun, or fascinating underground buried paths, to discover the most ancient and hidden tracks of our history, for those who love art and culture.

Feel Italy

Italy is the country of love par excellence. It has given birth to Saint Valentine, to Romeo and Juliet, and it’s always the background of the most famous love stories of books and movies. The temperate weather, the romantic landscapes, the inebriating scents, the intense tastes: everything tempts you to get yourself carried away by emotions. Several visitors, following a trend of some entertainment VIPs, choose Italy to celebrate their engagement or their marriage, in charming locations where their guests will experience exciting moments, that will remain unforgettable in their memory.

Live Italy

Italy is enjoyable in every season of the year. Almost everyone of its regions has an extremely pleasant climate, since the country is located in the northern temperate zone and gets mitigated by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, which surrounds it approximately in its entirety. Its incredibly variegated landscapes satisfy every traveler’s necessities and expectations. Italy offers an incredible amount of different landscapes, with some peaks of excellence in every biome: seas, mountains, lakes, hills; for those who want to relax, or are looking for an adventure, surrounded by astonishing natural ambiences.

Taste Italy

Italy is known worldwide as the land of food. Every region has its own specialties, everyone remarkably tasty, from the most modern and polished dishes to the old and traditional recipes. The taste of every dish gets enhanced by the match with a proper wine, and this pair can turn a simple meal into a surprising sensorial experience. Try amazing itineraries, discovering the best local cellars, where you will have the privilege to taste the best wines, matched with the local dishes, to understand the uniqueness of a territory and its deepest roots. Live a journey marked by the discovery of the ancient traditions of a country, through its tastes.